Saturday, January 16, 2016

My Answer to Little-Boy-Induced Laundry Woes

During the first couple of months that I moved out of my parents’ house, I was back over there constantly. I remember one afternoon, I was babbling away to my mom about something while she was getting ready to do laundry. I noticed that she would pick up a garment, squirt it with some kind of mystery spray, and toss it into the washing machine. I had a nagging moment of panic—why did she spray every single garment, and what the heck was that stuff she was spraying everywhere? Was I supposed to do that? Did I miss something during my crash course in laundry? I spoke up, and she responded, “Oh, these are your brother’s clothes, and this is stain remover. Trust me, there’s definitely a spot somewhere on these clothes.”

He was 7 at the time, but that statement might still be true to this day.

Now that I have my own little boy in that age range, I’ve tried every stain remover on the shelf. A few of them work really well (and if you want to hear my sermon on the one that works about as well as plain old water, I’ll tell you in secret since it’s not nice to bad-mouth products in a public forum). Then I finally discovered my own homemade remedy, and it’s my favorite (once again, thank you, Pinterest—sure, you waste a lot of my time, but you do occasionally deliver gems like this one): 1 part original blue Dawn dish detergent and 2 parts peroxide. That’s it. Mix it together and put it in a spray bottle. Guess what spray bottle I used? The empty one from the worthless spot remover. See there? Not so worthless after all—the spray nozzle on that thing is stellar.

So now, much like Mom, if I’m starting a load that is heavy on the little boy clothes, I randomly spray garments—kind of like a little laundry insurance policy.

Wishing you a Saturday filled with fluffy, stain-free clothing,


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