Thursday, September 15, 2016

Life Lessons on the Playground

My daughter's love life started with a nice bang in kindergarten.

Over sloppy joes one night, she casually mentioned, "I played with Micah today. He called me Cutie-Pants and said that he wants to marry me."

I got hearts in my eyes. My husband stopped eating and muttered that his stomach hurt.

Over the next few days, she revealed more about the little boy whose heart she had captured and how she felt about this new development . . . and I have to say that I love what I'm seeing so far.

First, she explained that she met him on the playground and that he was in another class. "I don't know if he ever moves his clip." Ah. She wants to know what kind of man he is. Does he make good choices? Does he raise his hand nicely or does he BLURT? Get a tissue when he sneezes? Does he ever say stupid? You see, she's never moved her clip. Ever. Even on the day when the substitute got her name wrong--she just held it all in and vented to me about it when she got home. She's got a pristine record, and she's bent on keeping it that way.

Second, she told us that she didn't notice him until he started talking to her. She was hanging with her girls talking about whether it's socially acceptable to watch Doc McStuffins after you've entered your school years. She didn't chase him--she let him come to her. And if he hadn't--well, that was just fine. That playground has a lot to offer to keep a girl busy.

Third, she mentioned that she didn't know if she liked him. Sure, he was cute. She liked his hair, and his yellow shirt was pretty fetching. But she wasn't sure if they have shared interests; plus there was still that unknown clip-moving factor. He could be a blurting tea party hater for all she knew.

Finally, she declared to me one Friday night, "Mommy, I don't think I want to marry Micah. But I'm not going to tell him. I think he'll just know after a while." She's not ready to settle down--I mean, goodness, who knows what will happen in first grade. But she's being cautious and gentle with her friend's heart.

No sense in being a Meanie-Pants about it.