Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Favorites: January 22, 2016 Edition

Happy Friday, everyone . . . enjoy!

Stacey's Favorites:

Okay, so we are all well aware of direct sales, but I must say that I really do love some smell-good. Room sprays in particular appeal to me because they are instant and ready when you need a dash of something special in a jiffy! My favorite scent is Scentsy's Luna . . . but it really just tops my long list of faves!

Another direct sales item--but again, one that has had staying power for me at least. I've never been one to use any kind of skin care regimen beyond the teenage Noxema shower experience. I semi-reluctantly went to an Aloette party one evening and was introduced to this moisturizer. I actually purchased the entire set . . . which we shall keep on the DL . . . ahem. Though I used the entire system consistently and truly saw a difference in my not-so-old but not-quite-as-young skin, the moisturizer was my favorite, and when I ran out of the other products, I kept this one restocked. Even though it is designed for night, I use it each morning as well (per the saleslady's advice--and because the day moisturizer had a greasy feel to it). This is good stuff!

Last, but certainly not least, is my laundry formula for the best smelling clothes eva! Back story: a few years ago, one of my students always--ALWAYS--smelled so good! Very fresh and clean (which is just short of miraculous since it was a little boy)! One day I asked his mother what kind of shampoo she used because he just smells so good everyday! She laughed and said it wasn't their shampoo, but their laundry routine. And here's another shocker: her husband came up with it!


The first step is Tide Sport with Febreze. Use as directed. Pretty straightforward.

The second is Suavitel liquid fabric softener. Again, use as directed.

And the final step is Downy Unstopables. Blue cap. If you've never used these beads, you toss them right into the washing machine on the clothing, not in a dispenser on the machine. I use a capful per load, but you can use as much as you like. Because they can get a bit pricey, I recommend buying the giant bottle at Sam's or Costco; MUCH cheaper!

There it is. Trust me when I say it will change your life. Nothing lifts your spirits like getting a whiff of fresh and clean all day long!


Andrea's Favorites:

I know that I give Old Man Winter a lot of lip. But in my defense, he gives it back to me . . . for the past two years, I've pretty much kept a cold or an allergy attack of some kind throughout the entire winter. I'll get a week off here and there, and then I'm right back to hacking. (My son recently told me that he had forgotten what my voice usually sounds like. Peachy. I sound like an 89-year-old chain smoker . . . just like I’ve always dreamed.) Thankfully, I’m still functioning, but winter always finds me looking for comfort. Today’s favorites are all about comfort (and counting the days until warmer weather).

I know. I'm actually getting ready to write a nostalgic tribute to a box of tissues. These were in a big display at CVS last week for 99 cents, and I actually glanced through the display to see if they had any plain ones. I thought the Vicks would be overwhelming. That's all they had, so I bought a box, and I was so pleasantly surprised. The scent takes me back to the days when I would have some kind of fever-inducing cold as a child, and my mom would take me to my great-grandparents' house for the day while she was at work. I didn't care for the Vicks treatments at the time, but these soft, lightly scented tissues take me right back to that feeling of being in my Granny's lap. Comfort!

I’m not the only one sniffling around here; my children are the sneezy twins these days. Even though they’re now five and almost seven, I still keep a bottle of this on hand:

They use adult shampoo and children's body wash or bar soap now, but when they have colds, I close the bathroom door and get it good and steamy in there--and once they're clean, I'll help them slather a little of this over their chests and tummies and leave it there a minute or two before rinsing. I get as much comfort out of the scent as they do!

Finally, when you're feeling a little puny and a little grumpy, there's nothing like seeing something like this:

And now I have a game plan to get me through the rest of this winter.


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