Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Favorites: January 15, 2016 Edition

From Andrea:

Happy New Year! Along with the majority of the world, I’ve started 2016 with a little self-improvement vow—but really, this vow has more to do with buying new beauty products than clean eating and sugar reduction. Along with trying beauty products, I’ve run across a few other gems that I thought I would share.

I believe my feelings toward winter are well-documented; I don’t like it, and it doesn’t seem to care for me either. I normally go barefoot all year ‘round, but apparently I’ve entered the elderly years, and I just can’t hack it with the cold floors and bare feet anymore. Enter these little honeys:

If you think that they’re on my feet right now, then you would be correct. I bought them on a total whim, and I was right back at Target less than a week later buying a second pair. They’re cute, machine-washable, super soft, and warm without being hot. I think I may need them in the grey and purple to complete my snuggly collection.

While I was at Target preparing my feet for what I feel is probably going to be a brutal February, I also picked up some jewelry cleaner. I have several silver necklaces that are looking dingy, and I normally use the silver cleaning cloths. This got good reviews, and now I see why.

I dunked my silver bead necklace into the cleaner, counted to 10, and removed it . . . gave it a rinse, and just like that, it looked as sparkly as the day I snagged it (from the cutest little store that has, sadly, gone out of business since then). I can’t believe how well this cleaner works. I think I’ve said farewell to those wimpy cloths.

And then there's this (which does fall into the previously mentioned beauty product category):

I got this as a stocking stuffer for Christmas, and I’m a big fan. One end is for hydration, and the other end is for renewal. I have to tell you that I can’t tell the difference between the two—both feel smooth and creamy without being sticky. But I tend to lean toward using the renewal side more because I feel sure that something amazing must be happening to my lips with a word like that printed right on the tube.


From Stacey:

2016 is proving that I am still quite in love with some of my favorites from the last few years. Just this week as we were discussing our Friday faves, I couldn't help but notice my favorite cookbook of late right in front of me on the counter. I refer to it often, but for more than just the delicious noshes . . . Bree Drummond is a fabulous photographer and children's book author! As soon as I read that lil' nugget in the intro of her cookbook, I was hooked; as it turns out, her books are some of my favorite read-alouds in the classroom as well! Anywho, her dishes are easy, beautiful, and so yummy. Definite crowd pleasers!

These little gems are also filled with amazing shots of her family's ranch and family. Her passion for family--and her husband especially--is evident in all she does. Enjoy!

As a family, we are most often found outdoors, but when the weather gets cold, family games are our go-to some nights. This game is just fun for everyone! Simple, yet mind-blowing all at once. I'm not a math person, so the fact that every single time there is a matching object no mater how you mix 'em up BLOWS. MY. MIND! Our kids received this as a gift years ago, and ever since we've collected quite a few others with varying themes. Spot It is fast-paced and different every time you play. Of course, we get a wee bit competitive with this one . . . and laughter always ensues!

Uno and Monopoly also tend to reveal the competitive spirit in each of us. I'm pretty sure we do NOT play by the rules!

2015 was a difficult year in our home state. Through prayer and love for one another, we came out strong (a bit soggy and sad but not surrendering)! Long before we were all wearing some state pride, I ran across these shirts in royal blue for my kids at Mast General and just fell in love with the simplicity, color, and soft fabric. (My children fell in love with some candy cigarettes . . . but that is a story for another day!)

Though there are many out there with the state theme, this one remains my fave! Love it!


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