Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday Favorites: November 6, 2015 Edition

Friday is a HUGE deal at our house. Even when my children were toddlers, I would talk up Friday to them as the glorious day when Daddy would arrive home around 5:30—usually with a pizza—and prepare to spend two whole office-free days with us. They got into the habit of calling any day off a “staying day,” and we all use that fun term now.

So Friday is the perfect day of the week for Stacey and I to share our favorites—anything we like that we think you may like too (especially if it makes your life easier or sets you up for some kind of instant success). We’ll be talking books to beauty products to bean dip recipes (we have a deep fondness for Tex Mex). Hope you enjoy!


Note: These links aren’t affiliate links; that means that they’re regular ol’ links, and no one is paying us to advertise this stuff . . . ‘though that would be nice.

Andrea’s Favorites:

Bible Hi-Gliders

I wish I had discovered these several Bibles ago. I’m a big fan of taking notes and highlighting, and this kind doesn’t bleed through. I’ve heard that some people color code their Bible passages—for example, yellow for the Holy Spirit, green for areas to grow, etc. Well, let’s never pretend that I’m one of those people. I go with the color that feels good in the moment.

Bats in the Library by Brian Lies

Sometimes I declare “Mommy’s choice” when we’re having reading time, and this book is always in my top five. I think this is one of the most creative and well-written children’s books that I’ve ever read . . . and I’ve read more than a few.

Clarisonic Mia1 Sonic Skin Cleansing System

Okay, I now see what all the fuss is about. At the recommendation of a gorgeous dermatologist with I-have-no-pores skin, I bought one of these last July. I used it for the first time the morning after I got it, and that night when I got into the shower, I touched my face and absent-mindedly thought, “HEY, why does my face feel so amazing?” Then I remembered! Now, I can’t say that I’m ready to post close-up pictures of my makeup-free smiling face all over the internet, mind you, but I can at least feel a difference.

Stacey’s Favorites:

PlanetBox Lunch Box

Hands down, this is the best lunch box out there. Ours have lasted us over three years, and they’re still holding strong! I was turned on to these by a parent of one of my students (and a fellow teacher)! My kids love packing a variety of lunch noshes, and I love that it doesn't mean using a ton of plastic baggies or five different containers to wash.

Wilton Bake Easy Non Stick Spray

The holiday season is upon us, and trust me when I tell you that you need to get some of this stuff. It’s a baking game-changer! This is not your mother's Pam non-stick spray. No no, my friends, your baked goods will JUMP from their pans, so be ready!

Penelope Clear Cover 2016 Weekly/Monthly 5 x 8 Planner

One of my absolute weaknesses is the dollar bin at Target. I know it is a marketing trap, but it makes me happy. Anywho, every year I buy about ten of these and pass them out with great joy. I know most people use a techno gadget to keep their dates organized with brilliant dings and reminder notifications for important events. But there is something about authentic handwritten notes to yourself. I'm hanging on to those Lisa Frank experiences of days gone by!

Hollywood Fashion Tape

Okay, if ya got big boobs, they have no doubt gotten away from you from time to time. Such is life. One of my best friends gave me some of this miracle tape years ago, and I have never been without a pack since. It's perfect for those cute button-down blouses that gape between buttons like you've got two rabid animals trying to escape. Yeah . . . those. It also comes in handy if you're like me with no shoulders, and tops won't stay put over your bra straps. The struggle is real. So in the spirit of modesty—ironically--"Hollywood" fashion tape is the key!

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