Thursday, November 5, 2015

Happily Parenting: The Blog

So we’ve added a blog . . . I mean, there are so few out there we felt more than compelled to do so--you know, for the masses. For those of you just joining us, Happily Parenting consists of two women on a steadfastly passionate mission to get parents to CHILL OUT and parent by the book we’ve been given: THE Book! We want every female parent to embrace being wives and women first before labeling themselves “Mom.” Girls, be interesting, for goodness sake. You can’t be interesting to your children if your whole lives revolve around them. We want every male parent to step up and be a man. Don’t let her boss you around . . . LEAD your family. (Side note: we have a very large male fan base.)

Okay, here we go: my name is Stacey Watts, and I’m a certified Leadership Parenting Coach through the John Rosemond Leadership Parenting Institute, a speaker, a veteran teacher of nearly 17 years, and . . . well, we’re not going to tell you everything here because we would rather you visit our web site! Andrea Fuller is my partner in service and Happily Parenting’s Program Director. She is the driving force behind our mission and has quite the knack for PR (that comes from those strong, sweet, southern roots of hers)! She’s too cute; again, go see our web site.

Andrea and I are housewives, not stay-at-home mothers. We are madly in love with our husbands, and . . . well . . . we really just want to talk you off the ledge when it comes to managing marriage and family and just get you to LAUGH! Parenting is so much more fun when you’re not so dang serious all the time. The kids will be a’ight. Relax! They won’t need therapy at 20 if every outfit isn’t smocked and embroidered with a giant bow to match. However, if you don’t start stepping back, then you may be the one in therapy.

We have known each other for over twenty-five years. Although we were raised in very different homes, our similarities more than outweigh our differences. See for yourself:

We’re both dazzled by the love of Jesus Christ

We are children of God, women, wives, and mothers . . . in THAT order

We’re both southern-bred through and through—from the pearl earrings to the pedicured piggies

We both have a love affair with emerald green . . . especially when it comes to shoes and purses

We LOVE family traditions—and the quirkier, the better

Between us, we have a combined 33 happy years of marriage under our belts; and even after that many years, we still think that our husbands are super heroes

We both have one son and one daughter and enjoy the experience of raising one of each

We both suspect that our dogs have mental health concerns

We both get slightly giddy when we see a child read for pleasure

We both lose our sense of humor when we see a child under the age of 16 with a smart phone

There’s some really good stuff headed your way and hopefully more than a few laughs! Check us out daily, and be sure to tell a friend . . . you know . . . THAT friend . . . ummm hmmm, her! ;)


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