Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Incompatibility, Take 2!

Our Happily Parenting team is totally inspired by Chuck and Barb Snyder to celebrate our differences in marriage. We're going to keep adding to our lists!

Here's a look at Stacey's:

My man loves to cook. He especially loves garlic and rosemary. LOVES is the word I’m using here . . . okay, maybe ADORES, COVETS, CRAVES--you pick. The point is, if the man could find garlic rosemary dental floss, he’d support the market.

Me: eh, a scant of either, if ya got it, and I’m good.

Now Mexican food: that’s another story! Babe will choke it down for me. He’s very selfless that way.

Me: I could eat Mexican every. Single. Night. That is no exaggeration. I never lie about chips and salsa.

My betrothed runs the roads for work, so if it doesn’t involve work, generally speaking, “extracurricular” isn’t his style.

Me: I trying to find something to fill the two minutes I have free between 4:26pm-4:28pm on Tuesdays.

My main squeeze doesn’t sleep. For reals . . . does. Not. Sleep. He runs on three to four hours most nights, and that’s usually between 8 pm and midnight. In our nearly 19 years of marriage, he’s always been that way.

Me: I’d love to say that I feel guilty for being able to sleep when I know he can’t, but seriously, I could go to sleep right now on the hardwood floor, no pillow, lights on, with a party of 50 people going on in my house. I got NO issues with sleep. No kidding, he swears I fell asleep mid-sentence one night. He tells everybody. Hater.

My better half is affectionately called my “lil’ nerd.” He’s cool with it. I mean, when we were first married, he’d read his old college physics and calculus books in bed. C’mon . . . NERD (though I am grateful for his love of all things math now that our daughter is taking high school honors math classes—‘cause dude?!?!)

Me: 2+2=4

When my dearly beloved drives, he strives to keep somewhat of a distance between himself and the car in front of him.

When I drive: He swears I’m trying to peek in their trunk. Lies.

In an effort to sleep at night, precious likes to roll over FACING me for that initial snuggle into bed moment--breathing and everything. Face to face. Like our noses are touching.

Me: Spoon me, but don’t breathe up my nose. I’m a cool side of the pillow, face free of any covers or flesh, fan going kinda gal. I also may or may not be a little claustrophobic.

I often tease my love that if I didn’t buy his clothes, he’d be naked. He agrees. But when it comes to shoes, that’s a job he prefers to handle. However, he has three pair. Three. One of which doubles as his work shoes (construction, btw) and his church shoes. It’s awesome.

Me: Hello. My name is Stacey Watts, and I am a shoe-aholic.

I rock 80’s tunes everywhere I go. My children are even very well versed is 80’s lyrics. It’s just fun and original . . . there’s variety . . . and the hair!

My sweet thang says all 80’s music canned be summed up in one song: “Take On Me” by Aha. ”What!?” Other than the cool video, I disagree.

His hotness prefers the likes of Merle Haggard and Waylon Jennings and so wants me to love them too.

Me: Shoot me in the face.

And Mr. Watts is very starched when it comes to birthdays. He wants nothing to do with celebrating his own; I learned that very early on in our marriage.

Me: I’m hard headed and am planning a special surprise for his milestone birthday this year.

My everything, my all is definitely a man’s man--minus the sports. Bless him, he couldn’t tell you what team played what sport and could not care less than he already does about anything to do with a sporting event.

Me: I would love the chance to tailgate, wear cute shoes, and serve football themed snacks.

For anyone who has ever met my husband . . . he’s a spiller. He spills everything, generally on himself. The best one yet (and there are MANY) was the time he spilled a bowl of soup in the pocket of his shirt. I am laughing even now as I type the words. I mean, how does that even happen?

Me: I can say that I have never spilled soup in any of my pockets. In fact, I buy Clorox wipes, Tide sticks, and bleach pens in bulk.

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