Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday Favorites: November 13, 2015 Edition

From the “I’m thankful for” posts on Facebook, to the fact that all of the grocery stores have cream of mushroom soup on sale, it’s dawning on me that Thanksgiving is sneaking up on us. This week, we’re sharing a few holiday-related favorites that we think you’ll enjoy!

Andrea’s Favorites:

Christmas Novellas

No matter where you stand on Christmas decorating (for the record, every year I firmly state that we will decorate on December 1 and not before . . . and my husband cheerfully ignores me and decorates the day after Thanksgiving)—if you want to have time to get a few Christmas reads in, you’ve gotta start early. I generally start reading these little gems around the beginning of November. Here are three of my favorites:

The Christmas Bus by Melody Carlson

 I read this one a couple of years ago, and several days after the book had ended, I was still waking up thinking of my book friend Edith. When you get a “book hangover” like that, you know that you’ve read a great one.

Finding Father Christmas and Engaging Father Christmas by Robin Jones Gunn

In the second novel, a character tells the protagonist, "You are a woman drawn to home and hearth. Never doubt the happiness such simplicity can bring you." That quote sums up my life so beautifully right now.

Nail Polish

Penny Talk by Essie

I absolutely love this color for fall. The coppery tone makes me think of glorious trips through the mountains. It also has a hint of sparkle that could take you right into the Christmas season. Now, I love a good dark red for Christmas, but if your hands are as non-stop as mine, then your nails will absolutely chip, and a chip in this color is much less noticeable than it would be with red nails. The best part is that the sparkle is subtle enough that you can wear it to church and not give the impression that you’re heading to Vegas later.


Southern Plate’s Faux Pecan Pie

Basically, this is a pecan pie minus the pecans. I made this last Thanksgiving, and I did something that every good southern woman would tell me never to do: I made it for the first time on Thanksgiving. No trial run. Thankfully, my people devoured it, and no one could tell that it wasn’t traditional pecan pie (‘til I told them and made them guess the secret ingredient)! This one has sealed its place in my holiday season repertoire.


Stacey's Favorites:

Pampered Chef Mix ‘N Chop

Okay . . . just get this. I love mine so much that it became the muse for a few themed gift baskets we gave as Christmas gifts one year.

I thought of all the items I'd purchased from mostly direct sales companies, and realized that I had one from each that I totally loved. Soooo, we assembled baskets of "our favorites we'd love to share with you!" One of these was included in each, and they have been huge hits among recipients. I just love it!

Vacation Souvenir Ornament

I ran across this of course while cruising "the Pinterest." I tucked it away and even shocked myself by remembering to actually DO IT! While on vacation with my extended family, I scooped a bit of sand into a baggie and tossed it into the back of car. Again . . . very pleased to have kept up with it and in turn make ornaments for each family. Just a fun, sweet, sentimental token.

Homemade Butter (great family activity)

As Thanksgiving is nearly upon us, this is one of those sweet remembrances I come back to year after year. If you've never made homemade butter with a child—well, you have never lived.

Okay, maybe an overstatement, but nevertheless . . . fun!

Every year that I was teaching, I did this with my kindergarteners around this time of year. Of course, it has become harder to find glass baby food jars, but if you're tenacious enough, you can do it. The short and sweet: heavy cream, a pinch of salt, and a heck of a lot of shake-shake-shake! Get yourself some corn muffins, and yummers!


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