Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Valentine's Week Series: 10 Ways to Love Your Man

Continuing our series on ways to better love our loved ones, today's focus is on the men. Now, I know that we talk a lot about beauty products and recipes and laundry secrets on this blog, but we must mention that Happily Parenting has a huge male fan base . . . probably because we have a tendency to urge women to spoil their men, not their children!

So as Valentine's Day draws closer, girls, try a few of these (and add your own)!

  1. Eat something manly with him. For some reason, a lot of men get a big kick out of watching a woman eat a messy cheeseburger.
  2. Make his breakfast and/or lunch before work. This is huge in our house . . . and don't forget the love note!
  3. Flirt with him during the day via text, cards, or email.  Let him know you're thinking of him, love him, and want him. Our big strong men need to know that they're wanted, too!
  4. Sit next to him rather than across from him in a restaurant booth.  My hubby and I are often guilty of rolling our eyes at couples who do this, but every now and again we go for cheesy!
  5. Ask about his day, and then really listen and ask questions. It's not always about you. Remember that the male species is the same no matter what age, so be specific when you ask about his day. This isn't a slam against our beloved . . . just truth.
  6. Be bold . . . yeah, you know what we're talking about. Spontaneously get into the shower with him, or as he walks by, pull him into the hallway and give him an I-mean-business kiss. Husbands and wives only, y'all . . . husbands and wives.
  7.  Thank him for the things he does at home. Point out specific repairs he's done, building projects he's completed, or even items he's purchased that have made your life easier.
  8.  Don't criticize him in front of anyone--especially your children.  Rejection and negativity are detrimental to even the manliest of men.  Support them in public and at home, and provide constructive criticism in private and with a lot of love.
  9. Give him an equally loving send-off every morning and greeting every afternoon. Pucker up.
  10. Share in his interests.  Even when it is the last thing on earth you want to do, chances are it means everything to him!
Sending you lots of love this week,

--Stacey and Andrea

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