Thursday, February 11, 2016

Valentine's Week Series: 10 Ways to Love Your Woman

Guys, this one is for you. Your wife is hard to understand? You have trouble knowing what she wants? We're going to spell it out for you . . . enjoy!

  1. Give her details about the day that you proposed to her. Don't leave anything out . . . if you remember what you ate for lunch that day, tell her. How did the ring feel inside your pocket? Were you afraid you would lose or drop it? If you don't remember, do the best you can.
  2. Play with her hair.
  3. Plan a date night down to every detail, including care for the kids.
  4. Stand with her while she prepares dinner. Talk to her, catch up with the events of the day, and just be with her (but run interference with the kids). Let her prepare a meal with your company but without interruption.
  5. Flirt with her during the day; send a text, e-mail her, or call her.  She needs to know that she is wanted.
  6. Bring--don't send--flowers. Go to a florist and select a bouquet specifically for her taste, and then deliver them yourself.
  7. Chances are, your wife has a best friend. If you've never done so, take some time to learn about her bestie and why she's important to your wife. Ask questions and remember the answers and stories she is bound to share!
  8. Make sure she's the only woman who gets your attention; she needs to have the starring role in all of your thoughts, fantasies, and desires.  Be intentional about focusing only on her.
  9. Go out of your way to make her laugh (and be sure your kids get to witness those moments).
  10. "Slow roast your woman!" as Mark Gungor puts it. Give her some time; rub her feet, massage her back, and cuddle on the couch . . . without an "expectation" (it will blow her mind).  Just dote on her and spoil her rotten for a day or two, and the lovefest that you really want will come. It's a win-win!
--Stacey and Andrea

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