Monday, February 8, 2016

Valentine's Week Series: 10 Ways to Love Your Child's Teacher

For all they do for our children and ultimately for our families, let's show 'em some love, people!

  1. Find out her favorite coffee drink or breakfast treat and randomly surprise her with it.  Nothing shows some love like an unexpected warm cheese danish from Starbucks . . . mmmmm.       
  2. Take her a bottle of 500 mg chewable vitamin C tablets and some hand sanitizer along with a Walgreen's gift card. You know--Plan A and Plan B during flu season.                   
  3. Say nice things about her in front of your children. Not feigned flattery, but genuine complimentary acknowledgements. Children always know when you're being real; so do teachers.
  4. Send her a pack of smiley stickers . . . because . . . stickers!
  5. A handwritten card or note to just say thank you or to recant a specific impression she made on your child always warms the heart. (We are total suckers for old-fashioned cards and notes.)
  6. Support her in front of your child, period. You will instantly become the most favored parent in all the land; teachers from far and wide will speak of you and call you by name as you pass through the hallowed halls.
  7. On special occasions, give her a gift that she'll appreciate as a woman, not as a teacher. In other words, she'd probably rather have a gift card to a fun store instead of yet another coffee mug with an apple on it.
  8. Crack a joke every now and again. Remember that she does have a life outside of school (and we teachers aren't always so starched.) Teachers are some of the wittiest folk around! Get 'em to open up. You won't be disappointed! 
  9. Ask her how you can pray for her this week. A teacher is always "on" for your little one, and often the burdens are great, but they smile right on through. Genuinely pray for her.
  10. Let her teach. She's a professional, and she definitely didn't go into the classroom for the money. Rest assured that she knows what she's doing. If she needs you (or your advice on how to run her classroom, teach the material, interpret curriculum, or handle the "other kids"), she'll call you.

***We love our male teachers, too! Insert "him" as needed!  No hate mail, please.

--Stacey and Andrea

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