Saturday, February 20, 2016

Friday Favorites: February 19, 2016 Edition

Happy Friday, everyone . . . whew, what a busy week. Here's a quick look at some of our latest loves.

Stacey's Favorites:

I'm really getting that springtime itch and feeling all kinds of happy! Recently, one of the amazing ladies in the office where my children attend school starting making some bracelets as a hobby--very Bourbon and Bowties style, but they're a fraction of the cost and equally as beautiful! I purchased my first set from her this week, and even though they totes didn't match my outfit, I felt so pretty with them on that I just went with it. Yesterday she had my second set ready for pick up. I love these!!! It may become a problem . . . .

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In the spirit of feeling pretty, gotta have some "smell-good" (as my husband calls it). Love and Sunshine from--of course--Bath and Body Works fits the bill! I cringe because I know that they'll discontinue this scent way before I'm ready (so rude--I know you've all been there)--so my plan is to stock up in the meantime.

And although I can't wear it, my next fave definitely makes me smile. This past Christmas, my mother-in-law gave each married couple a fabulous bag o' goodies, and she included these these too-cute scrubbing sponges. (You know you're good and settled in life when a dish sponge does it for ya!) These little guys are wonderful; so many features. Who knew!? And they smile at you as you scrub away. Love, love, love.

Andrea's Favorites:

Since reaching a certain milestone birthday, I've formed a new friendship: with a dermatologist. I saw this lovely lady earlier this week, and she has me thinking about preventing a spotty, saggy, dull future (skin-wise). In light of our visit, I thought I would share some skin-related favorites this week.

Winter, with its dry air and bonus hand-washing, has wreaked havoc on my hands. They've been dry and rough and dull.

If you advise me to stop taking long, hot showers (in the middle of winter when I'm cold and usually battling some kind of respiratory funk), I will throw a wet loofah at you.

Since I've spent quite a bit of money on a new bag (I'll tell you about that another time), along with my new Bath and Body loves, the funds for the famous Mary Kay Satin Hands kit are just not available (maybe next year, Miss Mary)! I have had great luck with making my own hand scrub (using a combo of scented bath gel, olive oil, and sugar) in the past, but I recently decided to try something different:

I know. I didn't even have the decency to buy the name brand. This big tube cost me a cool $1.97. I really don't like the scent, but it's not going on my face anyway--I bought it to use as a hand scrub. I wash my hands with regular hand soap first, and then I slather this on and gently work it into my hands for at least a minute or so. After rinsing (with WARM water), I slather on my favorite hand lotion (Jergens, Curel, or a thick cream that I got as a Christmas gift). Sure, it's a poor girl's satin hands, but it gets the job done. My hands are improving (and did I mention that I have the cutest new bag) . . . .

Another low-priced product that I like is this one:

This is a foundation primer called Baby Skin. I've used the Bare Minerals primer, and I honestly can't tell the difference between the two. I use this only on days when I'm going to wear a decent amount of make-up (not very often these days . . . maybe on holiday Sundays), and it does a nice job of smoothing out pores and little oily patches in preparation for make-up. Three dots will do the job, and as infrequently as I use this, this tube will last many moons.

If I remember correctly, I believe I read about Baby Skin here:

Like Stacey, I get a weeeee bit excited when I get a new magazine. This one is one of my favorites. Do I  know who these movie stars and singers are? Heck no. (Well, maybe one or two.) But this magazine never ceases to provide advice on the best products for the money, and I love seeing new nail polish colors and trends. There are some crazy pictures here and there, but for the most part, the clothes and makeup are relatively normal. And let's face it: the magazine itself provides at least an hour's worth of sheer woman time . . . a cup of tea, a smushy pillow behind the back, and a magazine packed with girly goodness. I mean, you could throw in a load of laundry before you sit down to read, and then you might as well call the whole thing work.

Surviving winter . . . and longing for spring,


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