Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday Favorites: February 26, 2016 Edition

In honor of the upcoming Oscars weekend, we're showing some love for some our movie picks over the years!

I have been quite shocked of late at the number of folks I've encountered who have NEVER seen many of these. Perhaps it's an age thing . . . I do tend to forget I'm getting older, not to mention that I am a terrible judge of age. I always peg people to be several years older than they are!

Anywho, while not all of these were Academy Award Winning, they certainly won me over! All others are somewhat forgivable if one hasn't seen, with the exception of The Princess Bride.  Truly . . . there is no excuse that I am willing to accept on this one! Hahahahahaha! And just so you are aware, I could most definitely have kept going with this list, but I restrained a bit.

I'd rather watch a movie than television, and I'll choose a comedy over a drama 99% of the time.  I can appreciate a good drama, but this body was built for laughing, and who am I to deny that!?

Grab your honey, some popcorn, and put the kids to bed early. We're going to the movies!

No excuses!  Watch THIS!

I have to watch this one when I'm home alone.  Kids and hubs hate it.  I do not, however!

How MANY times did we watch this as kids!?

Ok . . . lemme 'splain this one.  I love how kind and sweet Reese Witherspoon's character is to everyone she meets no matter their situation. Just a cute movie.

It's a classic! 

We are foodies for sure.  This one is just fun!


We actually went though a period when we watched this daily for weeks on end--and not per the kids' requests. We're dorks, I know.

"Secret's in the sauce!"

I mean, what's not to love!?  This pretty much sums up every group of southern girlfriends; but then again, I'm an old soul.

Watched this while preggers with G. After she was born, when she got fussy, we'd turn it on for her to listen to . . . calmed her right down.

Yep--all of them!

Look for Andrea's movie selections next week!

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