Thursday, August 22, 2019

This School Year

I wholeheartedly believe that parents genuinely want to slow down.

Mothers are tired. Husbands want their wives back. And kids really just want to be kids (minus the over-scheduled agendas and lists aplenty). It can be done, but only if we speak up, stop comparing ourselves to each other, and put what is best for our children first--even if we are the only family on the block to do so.

My prayers for this school year are that your child will have:

an overabundance of opportunity to falter . . . so they can pick themselves up!
the hidden blessing of not winning . . . so they can know determination.
the indescribable gift of time . . . so they can explore.
real-life consequences . . . so they will always know that their actions have real meaning.

This school year, step back for their sake AND yours!


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