Wednesday, July 17, 2019

A new game we are playing at our house . . . .

Even in the most consistent households, parents will find from time to time their lambs juuuust need to check and see if the rules and expectations are still the same. Say for instance, picking up after themselves.

Yes. That is STILL the expectation.

Rather than throw your arms up in utter disgust and exasperation over what you believed to be a closed case (because after all, you have been intentionally consistent) . . . dude . . . have fun with it!

In our home of late (which houses two teenagers), we are using these moments as an opportunity to learn about adult life when they are on their own. As adults, when we are unable to perform a needed task such as a small home repair, gabage removal, etc., we have to pay for this service. Adulting is fun that way.


Right now in our home, if you are unable to pick up after yourself or complete a task expected of you, Mom or Dad will complete that service for you--yep, you read that correctly.

But keep reading.

Each service provided by Mom and Dad LLC will cost $2. $2 per cup, per sock, per trash liner not replaced. Invoices will be issued for payment at the end of each month with payment due upon receipt.

Good thing they have those summer jobs.

#comeonbigmoney  #mamaneedsnewshoes  #ifyourenothavingfunyouredoingitwrong


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