Saturday, March 12, 2016

We're Just Friday Night Overachievers

Like so many of the world's most riveting stories, it all began at TJ Maxx.

I sweet-talked my brother into shopping with me--I think he needed a new set of sheets anyway--and as I was browsing through cute pajamas, my hands grazed a shirt that was so soft. I pulled it out and saw that it was a gray night shirt with the word "Love" written across the front in black scribbly writing . . . so stinkin' cute.

My little girl was the first one to notice my new soft shirt as we were folding clothes. I told her that I was going to save it for Friday night.

I had recently told my kids that Friday was my favorite day of  the week. I tell them lots of interesting tidbits about myself: I've told them about my childhood, my school experiences, and even old boyfriends. But for some reason that Friday night factoid was captivating.

"Hey, did y'all know that Mommy used to help make commercials--ones that AIRED ON TV--to help grandmas and grandpas all over the state learn about flu shots?"


But apparently preferring a day of the week over the others suddenly had me up there with the Kratt brothers.

So when I told her that I was saving the new shirt for Friday night, she immediately went to share that info with her brother, and then they compared notes on this new development in Mommy's secret life.

When Friday night rolled around, we ate pizza and made plans to watch the LATE showing of Caillou (7:40 p.m.), and then everyone took showers and changed into pajamas. I found my little girl digging through her pajama drawer for her Doc McStuffins shirt. She put it on and proclaimed, "Mommy, I've been saving this for Friday night!"

Well. It was just magical after that.

As the weeks went by, I found myself searching through the laundry each week to be sure that my gray "Love" shirt and my daughter's purple Doc shirt were both clean in time for the big night. My son was still very interested in my affinity for Friday night and mildly interested in our sleepwear. So just before Christmas, I made two satisfying purchases: I bought my daughter a much larger Doc shirt (the purple one was creeping up her middle), and I found the perfect Friday night shirt for my son: it portrayed two Minions, one with a serious face (Monday) and one with an overjoyed face (Friday). So right after Christmas, three out of four Fullers were sporting Friday night shirts.

You've probably guessed where this is going next: the kids started asking me if Daddy had a Friday night shirt. He has two drawers filled with t-shirts--proclaiming everything from USC football to ARMY to that cool restaurant he ate at in California 17 years ago. But nothing special enough for a Friday night.

Yesterday, I finally did it: I bought Daddy a brand new navy blue Captain America shirt. I washed it last night using Stacey's favorite scent boosters. All four of us are, at this moment, wearing our Friday night shirts.

When they've asked me why I celebrate Friday so royally each week, I tell them that it's because I've missed them so much that I'm thrilled to have two whole days of time together . . . and that time begins on Friday night. But my own second reason is that during this phase of life, I feel like the home base. I oversee the safe place where they all return. And when Friday rolls around and the Lord has shown me how to get my three loves through the week, I kind of feel like wearing a soft shirt with the word "Love" scrawled across the front.

PS--The kids asked me today if our dog can get a Friday night collar. Does Etsy have a shop for that?


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